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the secret to maintaining the sparkle

In today’s world, jewelry is a staple of every culture. It is used and worn by millions of people worldwide on a daily basis. However, only a small percentage of these gem lovers understand that maintenance is crucial for them to maintain that sparkle.  By using some proper planning and thoughts you can keep your ornaments in top condition. We brought Jewelry connoisseur David Birnbaum on this blog so he can show some tips he uses to keep them well managed. Below David will outline for your benefit some guidelines that you should follow when wearing jewelry.
jewelry maintenance

Take off jewelry during important tasks

When engaging in manual/physical tasks, make sure to remove your jewelry beforehand. By removing them you can prevent physical damage to them and limit exposure to unwanted chemicals/cleaning fluids. Some basic tasks that where jewelry should be removed is during gardening, cleaning the house, kitchen work, and any other rigorous stuff in the house. I remember I used to play baseball when I was younger and would always keep my chain on during the games. After three years of doing that I noticed lots of wear and tear in my beloved heirloom. That was a lesson learned for me to always take it off beforehand.

Put jewelry on after wearing makeup

As we all know, hair spray, cosmetics, and lotion are not gods gift to the earth. They are made in factories by a mixture of chemicals that can erode the jewelry over time. David Birnbaum believes the best time to put them on is after beautifying yourself.

Keep the jewelry away from the swimming pools

The pool may be the best place to relax and cool off during the summer, but it’s not your jewels best friend. Please remove them beforehand because the chlorine contained in the water can cause structural damage and even color changes.
jewelry in the pool

How to clean my Jewelry

If you follow these steps your jewelry is already benefiting greatly and maintaining its proper shine. Next on the list is to properly clean it regularly. David Birnbaum suggests a Jewelry polishing cloth to obtain optimal results. You want to clean your gold and silver jewelry using something soft and not so rough such as a cloth. Using other common household products such as tissue or paper towels will be detrimental because of the fibers within them. Avoiding these dangers will keep your ornaments in a cleaner condition.
There are many products that can be used to clean your jewelry. Usually, at the beauty supply, they sell them at a discounted price and it works wonders. I suggest you purchase one of those or if you’re on a budget you can always supplement them with some rubbing alcohol. It’s a cheap solution that works just as well. Do not use bleach to clean these gems because they will literally destroy your prized jewels. Never mix these two.
Rubbing alcohol on jewelry
First aid kit for bandaging on gray background
After using a solution to wipe them down, you want to use warm water to wash them.   Hot water over time will decay the jewelry and have negative effects such as discoloration. If you have been washing them in hot water I suggest using a tarnish remover to bring the sparkle back. Warning: never clean jewelry that is damaged, it will only further its negative progression. David Birnbaum suggests to take it to a jewelry repair shop, the tools they utilize will bring the ornaments back to life.
Thank you for taking the time to read my article along with the help of the man himself DB. He had very helpful information on how to maintain your gems. David is a private jeweler and a part time philosopher(metaphysics). For more information on what he does in that field, you can check out David Birnbaum philosophy page.

Trends in the jewelry industry | what David Birnbaum suggests

 The trend today

Throughout humanity’s lifetime, there have been radical changes in what we regard as “the trend.” From the times of ancients Egyptians wearing neck jewelry, we have come along way. These days, there is a vast amount of trends to follow from earrings to expensive rings being sold today by gem expert David Birnbaum. Society does not have one confined pattern, and there is a multitude of different trendy paths you can follow. The best way to find yours is to do your research and try the different types of jewelry that is out there for purchase. Locate the one that suits you best matching your preference. 

Egyptian Jewelry
Jewelry worn in Egypt

 My jewelry trend

Right now we are in the middle of summer, it’s heating up, and us women are showing more skin. With that said, we should be showing our jewelry as well. The choices available for us are much more distinct and should speak to us on a personal level. Whats gaining popularity between us women is anklets, golden hoop earring of all sizes, and pendants that range from the collarbone to the chin. More traditional style jewelry that’s still popular is fancy bracelets and rings that each tells a unique story. When finding the right jewelry for you, make sure it’s one that matches your shine and most of all, one that has mileage. You want jewelry that will go through those long nights and not wear and tear quickly.

The popularity behind it

Jewelry is a stunning accessory which is bought in a vast array of metals and styles. The new trendy means of shopping online has taken the e-commerce world by storm. This means that you can now buy jewelry online. As more and more people flock towards the web to buy their particular products, the gem world will greatly benefit as all business can now receive payments from anyone over the globe. This benefits us, consumers, as well also cause we can access all different forms of jewelry, for example, if Indian jewelry seems attractive to you, you can utilize the web to purchase these ornaments from across the globe. The market has expanded greatly giving us options, and my suggestion is to scour the internet and find the one that best matches your style.

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